Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trick or Treatin' - a FREE MP3

Since this is THE season of giving (treats) I'm going to give ya'll another FREE MP3! I'm hoping that you may be enticed to pick up a copy of Rain Station's DARK RIDE know, support the artists...have a copy in your house for those times that you need a little Halloween pick me up. Jay has TONS of copies of the disc in his house and I need to help him rid himself of them. There are only 1000 of these in existence, so get yours while they last!!!

Here is a FREE MP3 download of Trick Or Treatin' taken from my band Rain Station's CD DARK RIDE.
Here is a review of DARK RIDE by the Underground DJ from Haunted Attraction Magazine: "Now it is time to run away and join the carnival. "Step right up and see the amazing, the unbelievable, the available for your attraction CD, DARK RIDE by Rain Station." A journey through a veritable midway of new music written for old pretzel rides. The use of sound effects is limited only to those that help create the feel of the piece. The styles of music range widely from Heavy Metal beats through old time Rock and Roll to the almost cutesy Trick Or Treatin. This nostalgically fun selection, took me back to my early days as a young zombie, heading out on Halloween with the lust for candy in my heart. The CD would be great for line entertainment or a party, with a little bit for every taste and some of the beats are infectious."

In the works from Rain Station (for the past zillion years) is a new Halloween CD due out sometime...I'm hoping sooner rather than later! I'm going to try and get over to Jay's place before Halloween so we can record a new Halloween treat for those who care to listen, download and enjoy.

Enjoy the FREE track and PLEASE drop me a comment.
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Also, be sure to enjoy the FLASH video that Jay created for this track...he features my kids in the cartoon...a loving wonderful nod by a wonderful friend.
Check it out here (click the link, you'll be glad you did!)
Mark Harvey
Click here if you can't figure out where you're supposed to click to download the song.
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