Friday, October 02, 2009

Day Two...the 2nd of October name is Mark Harvey...and I love Halloween. I seem to tell people that, year round, all the time and in some of the most unusual places, at strange times and what some might call inappropriate moments. I guess there might be something wrong with me. Nonetheless, I do love Halloween (I figure you get that though).
Today at lunch I poked around some stores, bought a few things. These items I do plan to photograph and put up here, but buying Halloween stuff and putting pictures up isn't what Mark Harvey's World is all about. It is about...MUSIC.
Years ago...many years ago, I created Halloween Radio (here) in an attempt to find a track from the anniversary edition CD of Disney's Haunted Mansion - a special 13th track that was not available on the original release - they had only made 999 of the discs and they were only available at a special invite only Haunted Mansion celebration. I did eventually find the 13th track, but , with the prompting of my buddy Jay I put up TONS of Halloween music....more than 13 broadcasts (I think I had about 20+). Eventually the broadcasts died due to Live365's move towards expensive PAID broadcasts. And since I couldn't float that kind of dough for what was more of a community service, years of uploading and DJing went down the drain. Now, Halloween Radio streams my own music as well as music from other artists that I am friends with.
To start this season out right, please have a listen to some of the music. Click the "PLAY" button and have some fun. I know lots of folks that listen at work, or all day. If you want to hear a specific broadcast, please go to Halloween Radio and click a broadcast. Today is October 2nd people...GET LISTENING!
Mark Harvey

THE Halloween Music Authority

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