Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Richard McGhee

My buddy Jay has posted some of Richard's music to download (here).
Every now and again I pause to think about Richard and his life and the life lessons he left us with.
Anyone can live their dream if they have the will to do it.
Richard had the will.
Jay and I were able (for a brief time) to be a part of Richard's life.

I asked Richard what he would want to say to the young people of America - to the children...
“I would say, if you love what you’re doing...don’t stop doing it. Keep doing it. Even if the going gets bad. Because there’ll be more good than bad...and live for the moment. Let the future take care of itself. Don’t and you know, live for the moment. The past is history; the past was fun, live for the moment”
See the interview I conducted with Richard here.

We miss you Richard McGhee, Star Vocalist!

Mark Harvey
(a friend and a fan)

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