Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The suite life in Portland, ME (not really folks)

Well...I did promise to blog from Portland, ME so here I am...10:01 pm ET and blogging. I've been in meetings and haven't gotten outside much during the day to take photos. I'm staying in South Portland where there's not much else except for hotels and the Maine Mall. My first night in town I got a suite which was nice since I got to watch Sunday night football on a nice flat screen TV, drinking beer and hanging out with the co-worker I am travelling with. The next night...not so much as I had to move to another room. I do like the suite life!

I've been coming to Portland for a symposium for the past three years. The two previous years I stayed near the downtown area which was nice since it was within walking distance of great restaurants and shops. This year I'm miles away from downtown...a cab ride away...which meant that I hadn't gotten into town before tonight. I visited my favorite restaurant in Portland, Bull Feeney's. Good food and beer. Great atmosphere as well and I highly recommend going there if you're in town. (website is here)

Tomorrow I plan to visit the Shipyard Brewing Company again (click here for their website). This has become a necessary stop when I visit Portland and I highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in The Forest City.

Mark Harvey
(travelling the nation)

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