Saturday, October 25, 2008

Corrupting the young

I think my wife thinks I am corrupting my young. They both have the same fascination with Halloween as I do. They both love this time of year. My son has been practicing his Halloween face and his Halloween laugh. My daughter loves visiting all of the stores and checking out the seasonal offerings. She's been asking to watch classic horror movies and is all about decorating the house and getting ready to haunt.

I like to buy the kids clothes and other stuff this time of year (since it is really tough to find pumpkin crocs any other time of year). PJs, shirts and the like are part of my shopping sprees. Gotta love HALLOWEEN! Walmart and Target have had particularly good stuff this year, but I am always amazed at how the stores have shrunk their inventories. Of course I understand we've fallen on tough times, but this is the time of year that I go all out and become quite the consumer. My daughter wears her Halloween pajamas year round as does my son...still can't convince my wife to let them out of the house in January wearing their skeleton or pumpkin shirts...ah well...

Mark Harvey
Halloween consumer

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