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Halloween Haunt at Great America

Halloween Haunt at Great America
California's Great America in Santa Clara is joining the ranks of such notable theme parks as Knotts "Scary" Farm and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom by converting their park into Halloween Haunt, a park-wide haunted attraction featuring 13 bone-chilling experiences.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in October from 7 pm until midnight, Halloween Haunt will feature five haunted mazes, four themed scare zones, one themed attraction, and three live stage shows. The park's thrill rides will also be operating, including the Logger's Run water ride, which will be transformed into Camp GonnaGetcha, a summer camp that takes on a dark, twisted side once night falls.
"We're excited to unleash our all-new Halloween Haunt, an event that's so in-your-face and terrifying, it will be unlike anything Northern California has ever experienced," said Bill Lentz, vice president and general manager of Great America. "With '13' of the most terrifying experiences around, Halloween Haunt is guaranteed to make even the bravest of guests scream in sheer terror!"
The five mazes, the centerpiece of Halloween Haunt, will each feature a different theme. Take on your worst childhood nightmares with demonic clowns and other freaks of nature at CarnEvil; dance the night and your life away at Club Blood; tour a Slaughterhouse where humans have become "dead meat"; venture through Werewolf Canyon where hunters have become the hunted; and avoid a cult of evil scarecrows that lie in wait in a path of overgrown debris at CornSTALKERS.
In the four themed scare zones that will be scattered throughout the park, you will encounter monsters and other creatures of the night. In The Gauntlet, tortured souls will lurk deep within the fog; in Underworld Alley, the deceased will awaken from their graves; in Dead Man's Cove, cold-blooded pirates will be in search of the treasure of your soul; and on Witch Doctor's Trail, crazed zombies under an ancient spell will be out in full force.
Halloween-themed stage shows will be performed several times throughout each night, including Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem, Comedy Sportz Ghostly Improv, and Dave Hill's Haunted Hypnotics.
Halloween Haunt requires a separate ticket for admission and is not recommended for wimps or kids 13 years or younger. General admission is $39.99 for all ages at the door or $34.99 in advance from Great America. The Santa Clara Convention and Visitor's Bureau is offering discounted tickets at $32 on their website.

Happy Haunting,

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Six Flags Fright Fest

Six Flags Fright Fest
It's thrills by day and chills by night at Six Flag's Annual Halloween Fright Fest! Bring the little ones in the daytime for trick-or-treating and kid-friendly fun. When the sun goes down, well...let's just say it's not for the faint of heart! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom morphs into a shadow land of ghosts and ghouls. Roller coasters become monstrosities in motion and scares await you at every turn.Fright Fest takes place every Friday through Sunday through October 31. See the park eerily transformed from coaster to coaster and venture through haunted mazes and themed scare zones or trick-or-treat with Bugs Bunny and Friends!
Thrills by Day:
  • Twick or Tweet Trail featuring Bugs Bunny and Friends!
  • Shouka's Halloween Celebration
  • Merlin's Haunted Harbor Dolphin Show
  • Super Spooky Sea Lion Show
  • Bird Drop Inn (Bird Theater)
  • Witch's Brew and Island Zoo (Wildlife Theater)
  • Dracula Magic Show for Kids
  • Daily costume parades
Chills by Night:
  • Two spine-tingling haunted mazes: Kamp Khaos and Tinseltown Terror (additional fee)
  • Harley Newman's Scandalous Side Show - you'll be amazed!
  • Themed scare-zones filled with demonic clowns, ghouls and other freaks of nature
  • Twilight Funeral Procession parade
  • Halloween-themed live stage shows
Other attractions include:
  • Wheel of Fright - Save the Cockroach, Eat Another Creepy Crawler for fun and prizes!
  • Zombie Zones
  • Witches Lair (cookie mask and miniature pumpkin decorating)

For more info check out: http://www.sixflags.com/

More to do for Halloween in the Bay Area...

Mark Harvey

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