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Psycho Charger

Twenty tracks of pure rawkillbilly goodness! A ghoulish mix of psychobilly, surf, industrial and gothic, Psycho Charger scores a perfect 10 in my book for one of the best rockin' horror discs ever.
Psycho Charger is: Jimmy Psycho: Vox, GuitarThe Diabolical "Dr. K": Bass"Maniac" Mike La Rocka: Drums.

I got my first listen to Psycho Charger on the Gothabilly Series ("Wakin' the Dead", "Rockin' Necropolis", & "Raizin' Hell") and the Grave Rockers compilation (Lo-Fi Records).

The CD comes packaged in a special limited-edition package, including a vinyl looking CD and jacket artwork by famed artist Unkle Pigors of Toxic Toons.

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Get some history of Psycho Charger from their website....

"N.Y.C.'s Bloodiest band and the Bastard Sons of The King hisself, PSYCHO CHARGER, deliver an ultra-Horrific death-march thru the rotting R'n'R graveyard that's been described as "Horror Rawkillbilly"!!! Digging up influences from psychobilly, industrial, punk, surf, and gothic, these N.Y.C. psycho-rockers provide a horror-influenced, mutant cross-bred psycho-industrial-rawk assault that kicks and flails like a pissed-off two-headed bastard child at a family reunion!!! This is truly evil heavy-twang hell rock from the righteous side of the Devil's trailer park!!!

Founded a few years back in the sin city section of N.Y.C., PSYCHO CHARGER quickly obtained a firm foothold in the NYC music scene by playing a regular string of live shows, most notably the "Grave Rockers" and "Gothabilly" showcases. With each show, the band witnessed show attendance increase due in equal parts to their unique mutant cross-bred sound and "Horror-themed" live shows consisting of "Skeleton Men", "Ghost Warrior", and "The Blood Feast Show"! Notoriety of the band increased when some shows resulted in visits by the NYPD and/or the NYFD Fire Marshall!!!
Shortly after their arrival, PSYCHO CHARGER hooked up with the NYC-based Skully Records for the release of their debut CD, which included 16 tracks. The CD was released in August 2001 and did very well for the band, earning it favorable reviews in numerous magazines, as well as air play on radio stations scattered across the country and abroad. As a result, PSYCHO CHARGER established a fan base that ranges from rockabilly hellcats to punk rockers to the gothic/industrial/techno types. Sadly, the events of 9/11 came about, causing the record label to leave NYC, and eventually shut down, leaving the band without label suport.
Fast forward to 2004, where the band began working with the Denver-based Antidote Records label to release their second full-length CD titled Horror Rawkillbilly!!!, which included thirteen all-new songs and found the band continuing on, and expanding on their unique sound. As it turns out, a string of internal troubles with the label eventually led to PSYCHO CHARGER and Antidote to part ways.
Throughout these two label experiences, the band managed to retain all the rights and publishing to their music and put out their latest full-length release Curse of the Psycho on their very own Rot 'N' Roll Army Records. Weighing in at a full 20 tracks in length, Curse contains songs from their first two CDs as well as one brand new one. The CD is currently available in a special "Limited edition" LP Style packaging that includes a "vinyl look" CD and jacket art by Unkle Pigors from Toxic Toons (Metallica, Murderdolls, Genitorterers). Curse of the Psycho, like the band's previous CDs, has been very well received: it was recently named "Best Horror Rock CD of the Year" by Virus Magazine.
In addition to the full-length releases, PSYCHO CHARGER has also appeared on over a dozen compilations CDs, including the Skully Records "Gothabilly" Series ("Wakin' the Dead", "Rockin' Necropolis", & "Raizin' Hell"), the "Grave Rockers" compilation (Lo-Fi Records) and an upcoming appearance on Horror High Records "Prom Queen Massacre", which also includes narration by Wednesday 13.
The past year has been very busy and productive for PSYCHO CHARGER: highlights include the recording of new songs, playing high-profile events such as the "Las Vegas Rockaround", the "International Body Art Expo", "Screamfest", and their usual appearances at "Heavy Rebel Weekender" and "ElvisFest". Psycho Charger made a highly successful European debut this past fall by headlining the "Bring Out Your Dead" Music festival in London, England
In addition, the band also participated in a series of TV spots for Spike TV's "Best of Bond".
PSYCHO CHARGER also has contributed music to many independent film releases. Most notably is the "American Rumble" film, which is a documentary about the 2000 U.S. Rumble, and features live performance footage of the band. Recent films include the Hot Rod Girls Save the World and It Came from Tralfalgar soundtracks. Coming up in 2006 are contributions of music to the highly anticipated "God of Vampires" film, which has just finished production. Psycho Charger has been interviewed for the film American Scary, a documentary that "looks at the nation's tradition of television's horror hosts from Ghoulardi to Ghoul-A-Go-Go. The film also features interviews by Joe Bob Briggs, Tim Conway, Vampira, Zacherely, & Leonard Maltin. Psycho Charger's music will also be featured in the film.
Being big supporters of the indie horror film scene, PSYCHO CHARGER, has played live sets at the annual NYC Horror Film Festival and played at a screening of the film Rock and Roll Frankenstein at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC at the request of the film's director Brian O' Hara, who also produced the band's first video for "Grave Robbers fron Outer Space" which is slated to run on the Troma Film Studios television show in England on the BBC.
Currently, PSYCHO CHARGER is continually working hard and keeping busy with practice, writing new material, and playing a regular schedule of live showcase gigs in and out of their hometown NYC, including recent outings to promote their new CD. PSYCHO CHARGER has shared the stage with a variety of music notables, including Deadbolt, Los Straijackets, Misfits, Nekromantix, Demented are Go, Nashville Pussy, The Electric Hellfire Club, The Gore Gore Girls, The Amazing (Royal) Crowns, The Independents, the Swingin' Neckbreakers, Andre Williams, Rudy Ray Moore, El Vez, Man or Astro Man?, Agent Orange, The Mad Daddys, The Hillbilly Hellcats, Hi-Fi and the Roadburners, Link 80, the Belmont Playboys, new alt-rockers Dishwalla, and the legends Link Wray, Robert Gordon, and Ronnie Dawson."

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