Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quotable Mark Harvey

It is amazing what I find when I'm surfin'...

This taken from A boo-ming business an article By Jacki Ralph Playthings -- 3/1/2003

"Mark Harvey, owner of Halloween Radio, also agrees that it is "unfortunate" that more children aren't out trick or treating in their neighborhoods. He believes, "Haunted attractions will continue to do big business as corporate entities begin joining in the fray." Since Halloween falls on a Friday night this year, Harvey notes, "There will be more haunted attractions popping up all around." According to Harvey, "The most highly-anticipated Halloween product is the Pumpkinland 4 CD from Nobody Records. The previous Pumpkinland CDs have been a knock out success.""

OK, so I had anticipated releasing a "new" Pumpkinland CD back in 2003, but that didn't happen (yet). I'm still working on it....really I am...

"Harvey predicts, "Hero costumes, the fire fighter, police, military and fantasy costumes will continue in popularity." "

So there you have it...quotes from 2003.

Mark Harvey
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