Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pumpkinland Studios is moving

If this year didn't already have enough going on....we're moving.

My wife has been interested in moving for quite some time. Every now and then we'd go look at a house, but we'd never find "the right one" which was fine with me. I planned to move sometime next year once the baby gets a little older and once the house we own now gets closer to being as perfect as possible. Every now and then when we'd go looking at houses I'd get freaked out, "What if we find that perfect house and we're just not ready to buy it". happened, but instead of retreating we've charged towards this new house, putting an offer in, getting accepted and continuing the process of getting our house perfect so we can put it on the market immediately and sell it.

So we're moving from San Leandro to Castro Valley. Escrow will close on the new house sometime towards the end of August and our current home hits the market this week. We're keeping our fingers crossed that our current home sells quickly (we've priced it right).

So...Pumpkinland Studios is moving and my house is for sale. Are ya interested in buying it?

Mark Harvey
Amateur Realtor

Old house - 1475 sq. ft.

New house 2800 sq. ft.

Last Call

I'm about to close down the contest to "name that tune"...

Here's the previous post...

"I finally got back into the studio yesterday, dusted off the cobwebs and brushed aside the cat hair and recorded a new track. This HauntScape is available here for free (yep, another free MP3 for ya'll). I've not come up with a name yet so why don't you help me out and name this tune (add a comment and if I select the name you've submitted I'll send you a free Pumpkinland or Fleshrot CD). Also let me know what you think of the track. Click here to download the song (link disabled). Thank you and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Mark Harvey

Back in the studio again!

So I'm shuttin' this contest down. All entries must be made by Midnight August 13th.
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