Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rocky Point to close after this season

"Haunted house trade to lose the nation's 'No. 1' attraction...A frightful farewell: The 2006 Halloween season will be the last for the Rocky Point facility in South Salt Lake."

Cydney Neil has decided to close Rocky Pointe Haunted House.

"One of the most recognizable commercial haunted houses in the nation will close after this year's season.The Rocky Point Haunted House -- which scares thrill-seekers with Hollywood-style sets, costumes and makeup -- has reached the end of its natural life after 26 seasons.The owner says she's run the haunted house for 20 years. Her brother originally started the attraction in Pleasant View as a neighborhood spook alley.This year, the "Pirates of the Scaribbean" attraction will replace a "Lord of the Rings" set.The haunted house will also include slasher wax museum and Freddy Krueger's neighborhood."

This is it kids...if you've not been to Utah to see the Rocky Point Haunted House you better get out there now. Click here to read the story or here to go to their website.

I guess I better get out there (I've not been yet either) to see the legend before it closes.

Mark Harvey
Haunted House enthusiast
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