Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mark, your destiny is to be a Teacher

I took a test online today to see what "they" say my destiny job is and this is what it said...

"Whether you know it or not, this is the role that is most in tune with who you are at your core. As a Teacher, you are unusually adept at assessing and maximizing the talent of those around you. As a natural leader who inspires others, people are constantly encouraged by being near you, and your enthusiasm is contagious. With your supportive nature, you typically motivate people to meet their goals and believe anything is possible. These idealistic beliefs are marvelous, but can lead to disappointment and even bad judgment if you aren't careful. You expect the best from people, but they can not always deliver. Remember, in general, that your outgoing, charismatic, reliable ways will take you far in life."


Mark Harvey
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