Monday, May 08, 2006

My Birthday Horoscope

Born today, you are one of those strong and capable individuals to whom others may turn in times of trouble with confidence. On the other hand, you are often so interested and involved in the affairs of others that you let your own issues go unresolved, with the predictable result that your life becomes far more complicated and even troubled than necessary. You are a uniquely positive individual; you have your own singular outlook that sustains you through even the most difficult of times. You are never one to deny responsibility for your own actions, and you live your life as your own.You do your best to keep your private life very private; you don't like anyone prying into things that are not on public display. For this reason alone, there may be something mysterious about you, and you can be sure to find yourself a hot topic on the grapevine again and again.

Happy me... and a FREE MP3

So today, May 8th is my birthday. I always wonder if I should go to work or stay home. Today if I had stayed home I would have been "home alone" and would have most likely ended up doing laundry or something like I guess it is better to be at work. Since birthdays usually involve gift giving I thought I'd give you all a gift. The gift of song.

From time to time I make available a FREE download of one of my tracks. Here is a FREE MP3 download of Haunted Man taken from my band Rain Station's CD DARK RIDE.

Here is a review of DARK RIDE by the Underground DJ from Haunted Attraction Magazine: "Now it is time to run away and join the carnival. "Step right up and see the amazing, the unbelievable, the available for your attraction CD, DARK RIDE by Rain Station." A journey through a veritable midway of new music written for old pretzel rides. The use of sound effects is limited only to those that help create the feel of the piece. The styles of music range widely from Heavy Metal beats through old time Rock and Roll to the almost cutesy Trick Or Treatin. This nostalgically fun selection, took me back to my early days as a young zombie, heading out on Halloween with the lust for candy in my heart. The CD would be great for line entertainment or a party, with a little bit for every taste and some of the beats are infectious."

Also in the works from Rain Station is a new Halloween CD due out sometime next year.
Enjoy the FREE track and drop me a comment.
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Mark Harvey
Birthday Boy

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