Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dream Job vs. Day Job

Some days I am terribly unhappy. Due to work and family constraints I spend less and less time on my passion (music) and more time on my job and family. As a matter of fact, I've not set foot in my studio for months. Since my family is #1 and work is a close #2 I'm not quite sure what can give to help me get back into balance. I need my job, enjoy (love) my job, but it at times takes many hours a day to get done...and the mortgage must get paid!
Many musicians get stuck with the Day Job and few have the Dream Job. I've been listening to loads of new music and while it inspires me toward getting back into the studio it also gets me thinking about HOW am I going to do that (which depresses me further). I found this article about dream jobs. My dream job would involve making enough money to live on by creating music. This is no small task and would depend on my ability to network and push my music out to enough people to make a living (this is a full-time job...I know...I used to do it). Radio and TV is for all intents and purposes completely PAID OFF by major labels so creating your own buzz is about the only way to break yourself into the music scene. Another thing to consider as well is just how marketable is the music I am creating? Sure I've sold CDs online and done fairly well at it, but at what point does it take that turn to hundreds of thousands or millions sold?

I guess what this boils down to is not so much whether I am doing my dream job, but rather am I giving myself time to be creative in another way (other than at work). I very much enjoy my job, the people I work for and with. I am truly blessed! I just would like a little more time to be me...the me I was before I went back to the day job.

Mark Harvey
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