Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blood Ruby

It isn't often that I just decide to write about a band I found on the internet. As matter of fact, this is the first time. I receive so many CDs in the mail that it seems counterproductive to not review one of them, but when I found this band I thought I should say SOMETHING about them.
As their site states, "Blood Ruby creates female-fronted atmospheric alternative music somewhere in the vein of dream pop, ethereal and neoprogressive rock. The band's textured, layered sound takes listeners on an ambient, often dark, and sometimes epic journey through drifting landscapes of emotion, strange places, and complex characters." They have a certain Cocteau Twins vibe about them that feels very familiar to me, but Blood Ruby is certainly original enough to not feel like they are encroaching on the Cocteau Twins territory. I have completely enjoyed listening to their music over the past few days. Their music brought me back to the days when I listened to more melancholy music. Blood Ruby provides perfect grey weather music (it has been raining a lot here in NorCal so I know what I'm talking about!). TONS of FREE MP3 downloads so check them out. Click Here

I particularly enjoyed "Babel Babel", "Shan Shui", "Underwater Place" and "The Night Tide", but all songs are worth a listen/download. Their music is absolutely breathtaking.

Mark Harvey
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