Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays (I'm in PAIN)

So last night I took my wife out for her birthday and sprained my ankle. I was walking down the street with her after dinner. It is raining here and even though the rain had tapered off there was water flying off the rooftops of the businesses on the street we were walking down. So, I gently moved her out of the way of the oncoming rain deluge. Well, you know how on streets where they have trees coming out of the sidewalk - they've removed the concrete and now there is a sharp curb? I slipped on some leaves and twisted my ankle. My ankle is terribly swollen and I have to look forward to cruising around San Francisco on Christmas Eve all gimpy.

I guess chivalry is not dead...just clumsy!

In pain, but still in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT...

Mark Harvey
Holiday Observer

Scared of Santa

I love this (click here)...

Each year we'd take my daughter to see Santa, and each year we'd end up with a sreaming photo of her with Santa (well, up until recently now that she's older). This is a classic for any of you who have kids who've been scared of Santa!

Also, here's another link (below)...


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