Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

I took my daughter to see Wallace & Gromit : The Curse of the Were-Rabbit over the weekend. We both loved the movie. Truly funny on so many levels AND has the Halloween twist. Beautifully animated or...er....claymated...or stop motion animated...oh whatever...the movie is fun and well worth a trip to your local theater. Click here to read reviews

I was sad to find out that a fire broke out in the Aardman Animations building and destroyed its "entire history". Click here to read the story

Have fun! Mark Harvey

George Sabol's Eternal Darkness CD

I'm going to start reviewing CDs here at Mark Harvey's World since it is easier to blog. I don't have to ftp the files to 13thTrack.com Halloween Radio and usually when I review a CD it means I'm going to sell it at HauntCDs.com. That's going to change since I honestly don't want to sell as many CDs as I get in the mail. So this works better for the artist since I promote them and point perspective purchasers to them.

Today's CD is George Sabol's Eternal Darkness, a 13 song Halloween instrumental CD. This CD has a very Midnight Syndicatesque feel to it. Dark orchestrations with few sound effects, this CD joins the ranks of the Halloween Goth music CDs popping up all over "the scene". The CD doesn't have the incredible production value of Midnight Syndicate CDs, but is believable unlike many of the CDs that are sent to me.

I particularly like track 10, "Nursery". It has a nice creepy kids feel to it.

Overall I'm happy to add this CD to my collection!

Mark Harvey
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