Tuesday, October 11, 2005


My Dad suffered a stroke on Saturday. He's 80 and in very good health - or so we thought. He was rushed the the hospital in time to receive a tPA. It was tough decision to make. The first doctor told us that due to his age the tPA could kill him, but if it worked he would gain much of his abilities back. The neurologist had a much more optimistic view and said that the changes of death was about 3% - 7% and that if my Dad was healthy (which is was) and is a risk taker (which he is) it may be worth it.

We had 15 minutes to make the decision and elected to move forward with the infusion.

That evening we could see improvement. My Dad could actually move his left leg and arm (something he couldn't do earlier). His speech was still garbled and difficult to understand.

Today his speech is better and it looks like we made the right decision for him. He is going to undergo therapy so he can learn to swallow again, speak and eventually walk.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails and called me. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and please, keep him in your prayers.

Thank you,

Mark Harvey
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