Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rain Station - "Runway" video

Well folks...the weekend is nearly over.  I hope you've enjoyed it.
Rain Station is the perfect band for your rainy days and your sunny days.  We're here for you, thick and thin, no matter your situation.  We just want you to feel good, you know?

Jay put this video together for "Runway" taken from Rain Station's "Stonedozer" CD.  "Runway" is probably one of my favorite tracks that we've done.  There's something about it that just gets me every time I hear it.  Here's an interesting fact about "Runway".  As the story goes (I may be a little off) - "Runway" was the track that made Dr. Dre pause when he heard "Stonedozer".  I believe he was moved by the song (according to the account I heard).  The whole story is unique and it made me happy when I heard that Dr. Dre had listened to our CD and then decided to keep it (he took the copy from Jay's brother).  "Stonedozer" is a fine CD (if I do say so myself).  Please check out the video...

Runway from JEMoores on Vimeo.
And have a listen to the track - or other tracks off of "Stonedozer"...

I hope the week ahead is a good one for you!!!

Mark Harvey

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