Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's In Her Walk

Once upon a time when I was living in San Francisco I had a couple of roommates from Mississippi.  These guys  were Ole Miss Alums and came to San Francisco after graduating.  I met Jimmy Tombs while working at the good guys! Geary St. store.  He was working in the Car Audio department and shortly after he started I needed two roommates to rent rooms in the Sunset house I had moved into.  Jimmy and his buddy Rick were interested in renting the rooms so they moved in.  Living with two Southern dudes was a trip, but we managed to have a lot of fun while they were there.

Jimmy had the whole schmoozing thing down.  Great for a sales gig, but he also had a way with the ladies.  Must be a Southern thing since I've met other "Southern Gentlemen" since and they have also been quite smooth with the ladies.  Anyhow, Jimmy began to build a clientele of strippers from Mitchell Brothers and other strip joints in town.  He was doing after hours installs at our home at a discounted rate for these ladies.  The bonus for me was they'd come over to the house and hang out during the install.  I'm not a strip club kind of guy and have never been to one, but that doesn't mean I don't like to be surrounded by beauty.

My studio was next to the garage where he was doing the installs, so I would naturally work in the studio (writing, recording or mixing) while he was doing the install.  Many of the ladies would come into the studio and hang out and talk to me while he was working on their cars.  I love being a musician!

"It's In Her Walk" is one of the tracks I recorded during this time.  I recorded quite a few "hip shakin'" songs as a result of having these women in my space.  My hope was to perhaps get some of my music played at the clubs, but that didn't pan out.

Have a listen to this track. I hope you enjoy it.

Mark Harvey

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