Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nobody Records

Greetings and sorry for the late night post....

I've been in a battle to keep the Nobody Records brand free.  A little bit ago I found a hip-hop label based in Detroit calling themselves Nobody Records.  I'm going to deter just a bit by saying - TO ANYONE WHO IS GOING TO START A BRAND - BAND  - LABEL -WHATEVER - DO YOUR HOMEWORK - IF ANOTHER COMPANY, BAND OR BRAND HAS THE URL FOR WHAT YOU'RE HEADING TO NAME YOUR NEW VENTURE - PICK SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I GET THAT MAYBE YOU WANT THE NAME, BUT GIVE IT UP....GET CREATIVE...FIGURE IT OUT!

I mean, seriously.  I've had Nobody Records since 1987.  I am all over the Internet.  I own the URL.  I got in touch with these guys and they ignored me.  I hired a lawyer to get in touch with them to serve them a cease and desist.  They changed addresses and once again ignored it.  They took down their URL.  I have my label name TRADEMARKED, people.  So I recently found them back up on the Internet on Facebook, then Myspace and finally on some other record label source sites.  I'm DONE with these guys.

If you or anyone you know runs into these guys on the net or anywhere else please let me know.  I plan to shut them down at every turn.  I'm not against their desire to make music.  I'm all for it.  I'm against the fact that they are willingly using a TRADEMARKED name.

Here's what I've sent Facebook and Myspace.  I'll keep digging until they are eradicated.  Although I love hip-hop - they are hurting my brand and I've spent far too many years working on it to have it diluted by these guys.

Nobody Records is a trademarked record label.  There is a label in Detroit that keeps popping up on the Internet.  They have been sent cease and desist letters, but continue to operate using my label's name.  They continue to change mailing addresses to avoid litigation. Nobody Records is a trademarked record label.  They are impersonating my trademark.  Please see my website and please delete their account.

Thank you,

Mark Harvey
Nobody Records

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