Friday, October 08, 2010

Rain Station's DARK RIDE up at eMusic

Hey there Halloween fans...

More late night blogging for me.  I just found DARK RIDE up at eMusic (here) and I'm pretty dang happy to have this CD all over the place this season.  If you  haven't already heard it (heck, I'm surprised since I've been bugging everyone to listen and REVIEW it on iTunes) PLEASE have a listen.  Most folks enjoy the CD if they're into Halloween music.  There's something on the CD for everyone. If you don't like the first track try listening to some of our favorites like "Candy", "Trick or Treatin'", "Haunted Man", "Broom Hopping" or "Day of the Dead".  There's loads of fun tracks on the disc.
<a href="">DARK RIDE by Rain Station</a>

You can purchase the CD here and download high quality MP3s here (unless you prefer going to iTunes or eMusic).

Pick up your copy of DARK RIDE today!

Mark Harvey

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