Friday, October 01, 2010

October 1st...let the countdown BEGIN...CANDY!

Well heck! Today is October 1st and I am as pleased as punch to be spending the month of October with you. The plan is to blog my way into your life each and every day - photos - music - musings - free MP3s (treats) and the like. I've done well over the past two years at keeping this going and even though life gets busy 'round my place I just love to serve up the SEASONAL goodies!

As many of you know (after MANY years) I managed to get Rain Station's DARK RIDE up on iTunes (here). Jay and I would REALLY appreciate it if you'd take a moment to visit your iTunes (if you have an account) and review our CD. The goal is to make an impact and HOPEFULLY get asked to have some if not all of our tunes added to Halloween playlists. If you haven't heard DARK RIDE yet, what's stopping you? I've certainly spammed the heck out of this almost 10 year old disc (more about that on the anniversary). Below is a link - click it and listen - simple as that.
<a href="">Candy by Rain Station</a>

"Candy" is a song that Jay and I particularly love off this disc. We've often wondered how to get
this track over to a large candy company as we think it'd make a swell theme song for their Halloween treats. Jay has also created a cool Flash animated video for "Candy" and you can watch it by clicking here.

Enjoy some CANDY!

Mark Harvey

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