Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31st...just one more...

It is 10:31 pm on 10/31/16...

I had a great time spookin' out, Trick or Treatin' eating candy...drinking pumpkin beer and howling at the moon.

This Season has been a rough one for me.  We have had construction going on for months on my house preventing me from decorating outside and it sort of zapped all my decorating spirit. I had hoped to have a Halloween party on the 29th, but scaffolding moved around to let window guys work.  It has been a rough few months.

Tomorrow I'll post the pictures that I took tonight.  We had a terrific time Trick or Treatin' with friends and romping around a great neighborhood.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween filled with all the sights, sounds and special things that makes Halloween "the greatest play day of the year".

If you're up late and need something to lull you to sleep tonight...have a listen...

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey


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