Thursday, March 31, 2011

There once was a band....

...named The Screaming Paisleys...

I've written about The Screaming Paisleys a number of times on this blog, but have you ever taken the time to have a listen to the tracks from The Screaming Paisleys one and only LP, EXIT?

I plan to post tracks from the LP so you can listen to the tracks one by one (unless you're daring and just want to dig in and listen to the whole LP now), PLUS I'll give a little insight on the songs, background, etc...
So, today I am featuring "Morning Dew" - track number 4...

"Morning Dew" was an early 4-track tune that I recorded when  I was around 16 (I still need to dig out the 4-track and try to mix down some of the REALLY old tracks).  I was listening to lots of different types of music then - ska, reggae, alternative and gothic rock. My early 4-track recordings were heavy on the gothic rock side. Typical of the tracks on "EXIT" and many of the mopehead tunes "this song is about a girl".  I just got a laugh writing this...Dave Ayer (The Screaming Paisleys' drummer) would say that into his mic (with a very low tone) before most songs as a joke when we played live.  We'd all get a kick out of it.

So...that's our track for tonight.  I hope you take a minute to listen to it as well as the other tracks on EXIT.

Have a great night,

Mark Harvey

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