Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain Station (back at it again)

Yesterday I spent the day in Jay's Pacifica studio hanging out and recording guitar and bass tracks. He's got a number of drum beats recorded and even had a guitar track done on one of the tunes I worked on. You can follow the progress of the recording project at I was surprised when Jay said that we hadn't recorded in about 8 years. As the first song I was working on started getting "fleshed out" he said, "gosh, that sounds like Rain Station". Yes, it did. It always feels very natural to work with Jay and he said on , "Mark just walked in and played bass and guitar like we had been doing this just yesterday."

It feels good to be back recording music with Jay and I believe together we can get this new project completed before long as well as finish the project we started years ago (DARK RIDE part 2). Jay and I have bass and drums recorded so I'm going to finish setting up Pumpkinland Studios and get to work. We'll have two project going at once and have them done before Summer.
Be sure and check out as Jay and I will both be blogging there and we will be posting songs as they progress (as well as videos of us in the studio - scary). Right now there are three MP3s you can download.
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Rain Station

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shmokes! Oh, this is so awesome. I feel so inspired right now. This is what you were put on God's green earth to do. That pic gets me so pumped-- look at those two friggin' studs! During the past couple of days I've been waking up to powerfully beautiful overcast clouds. I now know why... it's because Rain Station is back! Your presence is felt all the way over here-- I truly believe it. I'm sending all of my prayers, respect and love to you guys. Also, fellow fans, I'm sending love to you too!

Rain Station, let the magic flow. Do your thing guys.

11:47 AM  

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