Friday, October 23, 2015

More from October 23rd...

Well hello again friends and fiends,

As Halloween gets closer I tend to write more posts - usually no more than two per day, but still.

Tonight I'm posting some photos of cool things I found (and bought) at Cost Plus World Market.

Can go wrong with a meal of Halloween Pasta, right?

And you need to follow up a good pasta dinner with a Frankenbar or Bridebar.

I brought both of these boxes of candy out of the cupboard and first showed the box of Mike and Ike's Mummy's Mix to my son. He smiled and said "yay".  Then I showed him the Box of Boogers and he face went sideways.  My wife and I got a pretty big laugh out of that.

Wash all the treats down with a Shipyard Brewing Company Pumpkinhead and you're good.  I reviewed this beer a while back here.

I'm still on the hunt for more seasonal treats.  What have you found and where?

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey


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