Thursday, July 24, 2014

Time flies....Summer time...


It is hard to believe that it is almost August.  Summer has moved by so quickly and when I noticed how long it had been since I had an entry here I thought I better get crackin'.

Not a lot to report - busy at work - busy at home.  I had intended on getting some new music done, but then I got derailed.  I have a few new songs that need some work so we'll see how soon I can get those completed.

Since we ARE in Summer I thought I'd post my favorite Rain Station Summer song(s). I've written about "Summer Home" before, but perhaps some of you haven't heard it at all (or recently).

From Rain Station's Criminal Goat CD (here)...
From Rain Station's Fancy Fancy CD (here)...
Have a great evening and happy Summer!

Mark Harvey


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