Friday, October 12, 2012

Winchester Mystery House "Fright Nights"


Looking for something fun and scary to do this Halloween season? "Throughout September, October, and November (see complete schedule below), the grounds of the Winchester Estate will be transformed into the world’s most terrifying Halloween experience. Filled with haunted walk-through attractions, roaming scare performers, and nightmare inducing tales, “Fright Nights” will once again be an open house visitors won’t want to miss!"

From their  PRESS RELEASE:

"Just in advance of Halloween, the Winchester Mystery House® attraction "Fright Nights" returns for a second year beginning Friday, September 28, 2012 through November 3, 2012. The world-famous mysterious and reportedly haunted home of Sarah Winchester has more thrills and exciting additions to last year’s Maze and Mansion tour.

“We are excited to bring the Winchester Mystery House®‘Fright Nights’ back to life for a second year,” said Brett Tomberlin, President of Imagination Design Works. “To give visitors more, we are stepping up the 40 minute maze by adding over 100 spine-chilling characters and surprises around every corner. The Mansion ‘Flashlight Tour’ is also ramped up in a way that will shock and awe visitors.”

Guests of “Fright Nights” will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the revamped “Curse of Sarah Winchester Maze” – an interactive, multi-sensory gateway between Heaven and Hell. Guests can also take the “Walk with the Spirits” flashlight tour of the mysterious mansion with only a souvenir flashlight to provide illumination through the labyrinth of rooms and stairways.

“Fright Nights” is open to the public on select dates and times beginning September 28th until November 3rd. Please check for specific dates and times here:

If you have a chance, check this one out!

Happy haunting,

Mark Harvey


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