Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sixty Two...

...days until Halloween and I am excited!  Halloween items have been showing up in stores (even before they put away the back to school stuff).  Every year it gets earlier and earlier and I'm OK with that (in the case of Halloween).

As we get closer, be aware (or beware) - the posts here are going to steadily increase and then in the month of October I plan to blog...gulp...every day.  I plan to join the "31 days of Halloween" countdown again.  I hope you can stop by every day to see the treats I'll be dishing up.

In celebration of the fast approaching Halloween holiday...here's a little tune for ya...

It is my hope that all my friends (and readers of this blog) go have a listen to the music I put up here.  A few minutes won't hurt you.  Try it...you may just like it...

Mark Harvey


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