Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Live music remembrance - Dot 3

Good evening,

This is a quick post as I am headed out tonight to see Cypress Hill.  Two weeks in a row I'm seeing live music and I am pretty jazzed about it.  I'll blog about the concert I'm going to tomorrow if I have a moment.
Years ago (many, many) I would go see shows and play shows all the time.  I think I spent the better part of my late teens and twenties in a club.  There were many "staples" - bands I would go see every time they played.  One of those was Dot 3.  From their MySpace: "...Dot 3 was a band from the Silicon Valley region that existed from 1984(?)-1991. A popular crowd-pleaser, this band consistently drew a dedicated following in the San Jose area... ..Their final performance was on May 16, 1991 at the Oasis nightclub in San Jose, California... ..Seventeen years after their break-up, people are still talking about this highly influential band... ..Luckily, there's some video footage to relive the experience of Dot 3.."  
Dot 3 would absolutely tear it up and they were part of the whole funk, afro-beat, jungle movement in the Bay Area.

Indeed..and here is some footage!

I still have a copy of their LP (pictured left - which I have digitally encoded).  I listen to them on my iPod all the time.  Great stuff, fantastic band...good memories.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mark Harvey


Anonymous Mike Freitas said...

Hell Mr. Harvey,

I was the drummer in Dot 3, and happened to find your post here just recently. Thank you so much for the kind words and all the support back when we were active.

I also wanted to let you know that we've got a reunion show coming up on Nov 18th, 2011, at the Blank Club in San Jose, CA. I thought you might be interested. If you make it to the show, please come up and say hi.

Here's a link to the FBook page for the event (with times, tix info, etc.).!/event.php?eid=270619689628902

Thanks again,
Mike Freitas

5:14 PM  
Blogger Mark Harvey said...

Hello Mike,

Thank you for the comment and for letting me know about the show. It was fantastic.

I've blogged about it (imagine that):

Thank you again,

Mark Harvey

6:50 AM  

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